The Best Overland Park ADHD Testing Explains 4 More Common Myths

Overland Park ADHD Testing: 4 More Common Myths — There is a lot of misinformation out there about ADHD, and that is why I, Dr. Tish, recommend coming by the office to discuss a lot of the misinformation that has circulated about ADHD and its causes, diagnosis, and treatment over the recent decades. The following are a few more untrue assumptions we often hear. If you hear any of these quotes often (omit), we are here to help with ADHD testing in Overland Park, which will clarify if your child has ADHD, and we can provide explanations and clarifications about the disorder.


Overland Park ADHD Testing: #1 – “The child focuses on video games for hours. They can’t have ADHD.”

Video games require interaction and are highly stimulating. There are lights, and sounds, which are very engaging.  There are also many invitations meant to entice kids with things they love to do. Classroom activities require thought and (omit 2nd and) focused attention with various academic requirements and social interactions occurring in a classroom at any given time.  The requirements for school attendance are much different from that of a video game. ADHD testing in Overland Park can explain this during your comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Tish.

Overland Park ADHD Testing: #2 – “ADHD is caused by poor parental discipline.”

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is not a result of poor discipline—although behaviors that stem from ADHD can challenge otherwise effective parenting styles. Varying limit-setting and other futile parenting practices can, however, deteriorate its manifestation. There are a lot of different ways to cope with children who have ADHD and manage their behavior. You can also receive guidance through my books focused on Fostering Connection and Parenting with ADHD, after receiving the proper diagnosis with Overland Park ADHD testing.

Overland Park ADHD Testing

Overland Park ADHD Testing: #3 – “If, after a careful evaluation, a child doesn’t receive the ADHD diagnosis, they don’t need help.”

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is diagnosed on a continuum, which means that a child can exhibit a number of ADHD-type behaviors, yet not to the extent that the child is diagnosed with ADHD. Just because a child does not have the actual diagnosis of ADHD, does not mean that your child does not need help coping with the behaviors they are exhibiting. After having ADHD testing in Overland Park it will be determined what the next course of action is regardless of outcome.

Overland Park ADHD Testing: #4 – “Children with ADHD outgrow this condition.”

Parents and many doctors once assumed that as juveniles with ADHD enter adolescence and then move into adulthood, their ADHD will no longer be a problem. But new studies have shown that more aspects of ADHD can continue well into adult life for as many as 85% of these children.


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