As a licensed child psychologist and therapist, I’ve worked helping children with ADHD and their families. As an extension to my book, “Parenting ADHD with Wisdom and Grace“, I’ve been working on additional resources and courses to support parents in the positive development of children and adolescents.

ADHD Connect: Developing an Intervention Plan

Any parent of a child with ADHD has, at one point or another, felt alone. The reality is finding holistic interventions, outside of medication, to support their child’s behaviors feels overwhelming. Everyday, I hear from parents desperate to find a strategy or idea that will help them effectively manage their child’s ADHD behaviors.

This course will help you specifically identify what behaviors need intervention, develop specific, doable steps for intervention, and give you peace of mind as you will feel that you have direction and a plan.

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Why Won’t My Child Listen?

Do you feel like you are yelling too much? Does your child listen to you less than they should? While the frustration is real, the solution lies in better communication. By learning to give better directions, increasing compliance at home, and discovering new parenting strategies, you’ll be able to improve the relationship with your child and support their social development more effectively.

This course will help you understand the principles behind behavior and sharpen your skills in order to increase your child’s cooperation.

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