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child psychologist available for school presentations and seminars in Kansas City

Topics that will be addressed

I am available to speak and present on various topics and have successfully presented to schools, students, parents, and mental health professionals. Subject matters for speaking engagements include:

ADHD and Executive Functioning

Managing student behavior and increasing success for students with ADHD and/or executive functioning deficits to include individual, classroom, and school-wide interventions.

Mental Health and Children/Adolescents

This may cover a broader range of topics, but examples include how the following can impact development and education: anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders, self-esteem, and family challenges

Learning Disabilities

Education for staff regarding diagnosis and intervention for students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia

Behavioral Disorders

Education and strategies for assisting with students who present with oppositional behaviors, rule-breaking behaviors, and lowered motivation.

Executive Functioning Talk

For a sample of presentation style, please view the following presentation on Executive Functioning to middle school staff.


Happy people

“You provided resources, support, and reinforcement of healthy strategies to our students. We are grateful for your collaboration and expertise and know that our faculty and students benefited from your presentation. Looking forward to collaborating with you again in the future.”

School Psychologist

Which option is right for me?

Book a consultation if…


You would benefit from coaching and an opportunity for individual Q&A regarding specific students, your classroom, or school’s programming


You would benefit from ongoing professional consultation and collaboration with issues around managing ADHD, executive functioning, behavioral disorders, mental health issues in students, and learning disabilities


Assistance with specific programming and intervention planning

Book a presentation if…


Your staff would benefit from additional training and education on ADHD, executive functioning, behavioral and/or mental health issues in students, and learning disabilities


Your staff and school would benefit from education and intervention planning around student learning, behavioral or mental health issues

Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation or presentation