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As an author, I try to reach out to help parents and families through book, publications, social media, and blog posts.

Families coping with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, or strong-willed and inflexible children face many difficulties.

With this book, I hope to help individuals maintain and build strong, positive connections with their children, within their families, and/or with students.

Ideally, the concepts and skills in this system will help strengthen all relationships in the readers’ lives.

By conceptualizing “characters” to illustrate a mindset, mood, and/or pattern of behavior, I created a way to easily and readily identify what “character” the behavior reflects and how it impacts the situation. Not only does “Fostering Connection: Building Social and Emotional Health in Children and Teens” teach how to recognize these “characters” in others, it shows how to recognize how you are showing up. Applying the information in this book is meant to decrease negative interaction patterns within important relationships and to bring you more insight and ability to choose wisely when communicating with your child, student, or other important person. Parents, children, teens, educators, and mental health clinicians can benefit from “Fostering Connection.”

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You are not alone in your feelings and struggles with ADHD.

I often see parents struggling with how to manage and parent aspects of their child’s ADHD. Sometimes, they do not fully realize that some of the frustrating behaviors they are dealing with are a part of ADHD. I am hoping that I can impact parent-child relationships and help parents find more effective ways to respond, without as much frustration and feelings of exacerbation. This book is a short, easy-to-read book for the busy parent.

This book will bring confidence and guidance as you parent your child with ADHD. It addresses common feelings such as worry, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed. This book will help you find more clarity, vision, and peace within yourself and in turn, help you translate that into wise parenting practices.

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Addressing anger management and emotional regulation.

Learn more about how anger management and emotional regulation are often associated with ADHD, as well as helpful coping strategies for parents.

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