New Year? New You? ADHD Testing in Overland Park, Part 1

New Year? New You? ADHD Testing in Overland Park, Part 1 — Diagnostic Criteria for attention deficient disorder were designed to identify ADHD in children. So, when your child went off to college last fall and started to struggle with the workload; you were so confused. Sometimes ADHD can go undiagnosed for many years. Having an Overland Park ADHD evaluation can help if your college student is struggling, and they are having difficulty focusing.

Your student is likely home for holiday break right now and they might be sharing their frustrations about how learning with ADHD in college is difficult. Students often feel like they are running with weights on, never getting ahead of their peers. Discovering your college student has ADHD through ADHD testing in Overland Park could strip off those weights and open new doors.


ADHD Testing in Overland Park: What is ADHD?

ADHD is a chronic condition resulting in difficulty with maintaining attention, organization and impulse control. When you are in college this is a feeling of something beyond the normal aches and pains of a new learning environment. Things that are simple for most people can feel overwhelming to the point of no return if you have ADHD, and you can’t seem to organize yourself.

ADHD Testing in Overland Park

ADHD Testing in Overland Park: College Students with ADHD

Pinning down the number of current college student with undiagnosed ADHD is difficult. 1 in 9 college students are thought to have ADHD that is either being treated or is undiagnosed.

According to Child and Adolescent Psychology, college students with ADHD symptoms had difficulties coping with repeated cycles of negative thoughts and worries, irregular lifestyles due to poor time management, dissatisfaction with academic performance and interpersonal relationships, self-dissatisfaction, and decreased self-esteem.

Because these symptoms are so much like depression and other mental health issues, ADHD is often overlooked in college students. That is why an Overland Park ADHD evaluation could be so beneficial. There is no harm in finding out if your college student might have this diagnosis.

In the next blog find out if your college student could have ADHD by looking at a few simple questions. If you think this might be the case, or your child is struggling in college call for ADHD testing in Overland Park and find out.

ADHD Testing in Overland Park

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