The Most Important Information About Learning Disability Evaluations in Overland Park for Your Amazing Child

Important Info on Learning Disability Evaluations in Overland Park


What is Dyslexia?

Learning Disability Evaluations in Overland Park

At its core the biggest issue a child has if diagnosed with dyslexia is phonetic awareness. This is the ability to manipulate sounds this process is also known as phonological awareness and it is the primary difficulty that characterizes dyslexia. There are specific regions of the brain that control these processes, but the brain of an individual with dyslexia functions differently in those areas. That is where child dyslexia evaluations in Overland Park come into play.



Steps in Learning Disability Evaluations in Overland Park with Dr. Tish


STEP 1 –  Learning disability evaluations at my office in Overland Park are typically four to five-hour sessions where many various forms of data are collected. The majority of the time is spent on individual testing with the adult, child, or adolescent.

STEP 2 – A follow-up session will be scheduled at the time of the evaluation. In this session, I’ll review results, discuss intervention recommendations, provide a clinical report.


Child/Adolescent Form

Adult Form

Research Advancements with Dyslexia and learning disability evaluation in Overland Park

There have been many advancements in learning interventions when it comes to dyslexia in recent years. Accommodations in the classroom have improved greatly, as have assessments done by Dr. Tish in her offices in Overland Park. If your child is struggling in reading, and common interventions have not helped your child – schedule a learning disability evaluation in Overland Park and we will work together as a team to find a successful path.


Learning Disability Evaluations in Overland Park


If you are struggling to find the right support for your child, contact me, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D. I am a licensed child psychologist who specializes in Overland Park ADHD testing. My experience working in and with schools makes me a valuable resource for parents. I have a wide range of experience with diagnoses, including ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, anxiety, mood, and behavior problems. I also offer autism assessments in Overland Park if that is where your concerns lie.


I utilize the latest research to create intervention methods to give your child and your family the support they need, including learning disability evaluations in Overland Park. You can reach me at (913) 738-4177 or visit my website to learn more about the services I offer. You can also get in touch with me by filling out this contact form. I look forward to assisting you.

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