ADHD Testing in Overland Park: 10 Reasons to Read the Amazing book “Fostering Connection” By Dr. Tish Taylor’

ADHD Testing in Overland Park: 10 Reasons to Read “Fostering Connection” By Dr. Tish Taylor’–Dr. Tish Taylor’s book ‘Fostering Connection’ is a must-read for parents of children with ADHD and behavioral disorders, but also provides invaluable insight into ways of parenting without boundaries constructed by labels. Dr. Tish Taylor offers real-life stories as well as research-based perspectives to understand childhood development in the context of developmental difficulties related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and high functioning Autism. Here are 10 reasons why you should read this book:


  1. Insight from a Child Psychiatrist Who Specializes in Autism Assessment in Overland Park and ADHD Testing in Overland Park

The author, Dr. Tish Taylor, is a child psychiatrist who specializes in autism assessment in Overland Park and ADHD testing in Overland Park, and provides advice backed up by her years of experience working with children in this respectful, knowledgeable way. With her expertise, she offers very practical strategies on how to best support your child’s emotional and behavioral needs as they navigate their unique challenges.


  1. Contains Real-Life Stories

The book contains stories from families which have gone through similar struggles, helping readers to relate their own experiences more closely to the information presented within. It also allows them the opportunity to realize that they are not alone. This can be incredibly comforting when dealing with behavioral patterns associated with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Autism.


  1. Encourages Empathy & Understanding

Rather than focusing solely on treating symptoms of these disorders, it encourages understanding of your child’s viewpoint by offering insight into how they may feel or think about things differently from us adults. This helps adults better empathize rather than simply react negatively or judge them based on behavior resulting from their disorder(s).

  1. Challenges Common Misconceptions

The book presents an honest look at the stereotypes associated with both conditions and challenges those misconceptions in order for the reader to gain a more holistic understanding of both disorders. This could lead to improved relationships between family members due to increased knowledge and acceptance of differences between these disorders.


  1. Valuable Tips for How to Support Your Child & Family Dynamics

Dr. Tish Taylor includes many helpful tips for how to best approach situations where your child may be struggling emotionally/behaviorally. This includes suggestions on how parents can remain calm while maintaining expectations and addressing inappropriate behaviors. Dr. Tish gives examples of healthy ways that still have positive outcomes—while remembering their role as facilitators instead of judges.


If you are unsure whether or not your child, set up an appointment for ADHD testing in Overland Park with Dr. Tish.


  1. Offers Personal Guidance Through Difficult Situations

The book provides support when facing difficult moments by offering guidance tailored to individual circumstances. Dr. Tish empowers families every step along the way – no matter what stage they find themselves at within their journey. This can help ensure children are supported confidently by those closest who love them most.


If you need support come in for ADHD testing in Overland Park or an autism assessment in Overland Park to determine how Dr. Tish can help.


  1. Comprehensive Coverage Not Found Elsewhere

This comprehensive coverage goes beyond mere diagnosis; it speaks directly about the intersection between parenting and psychological practice – something that is rarely done quite like this (at least not so comprehensively). The information provided not only covers details surrounding learning disabilities (CMT) due to either autism or ADHD but expands further into behaviors that may also be present within other aspects of mental health including interpersonal relationships, communication, and anxiety.

ADHD testing in Overland Park
  1. Invaluable Resource For Further Understanding

It bridges gaps between theory & practice – creating an invaluable resource if you need further understanding regarding CMT interventions related to either disorder(s). The diverse range of subjects discussed creates an even stronger platform upon which caregivers can build upon.


  1. Contains Quotes From Experts Across The Field Of Mental Health And Neuroscience Research

Supports interventions that are aligned with neuropsychology by helping children and teens practice and build behavior patterns that can increase their neurodevelopmental pathways.


  1. Covers Recent Findings Related to Neural Developmental Pathways Involved With Both Disorders

Builds social-emotional understanding and awareness for all children and teens.  This book is comprehensive enough to address behavioral patterns that can be found within children and teens who are not diagnosed with any type of disorder, but who could benefit from improved self understanding, interpersonal functioning, and communication.


In conclusion, ‘Fostering Connection and Parenting with ADHD’ by Dr. Tish Taylor’ is an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers of children with ADHD or autism. It provides beneficial stories from real-life families helpful and practical intervention strategies, and guidance for communication with children and teens, especially those with ADHD, behavioral disorders, or high functioning Autism.

Dr. Tish includes practical tips for how to best support your child’s emotional and behavioral needs. This book is sure to provide great insight for anyone embarking on this challenging yet rewarding journey.



ADHD testing in Overland Park


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