What does this school year mean for my child or teen with ADHD? Join me for a 30 minute webinar to assist parents starting this unprecedented school year. We will be discussing practical tips and strategies to begin the school year. Be sure to register: Register Here! | Parenting ADHD in the 2020-2021 School Year: Tips for Managing the Beginning of the Year
Join this six week small group course that is set to run live and online via Zoom. Targeted topics will be covered each week and hard copy materials provided. Individual questions will be answered. There will also be the added benefit of small group support from the other members. We are going through this together! … Continued | Live Online Parenting Course: Parenting ADHD
This webinar will address difficulties with emotional regulation. This includes scenarios when a child or adolescent has blow ups, meltdowns, and more intense emotions than would be expected in any given situation. Help with identifying triggers and various parenting skills for navigating these situations. | The Volcano Erupts: How to Handle It When My Child Blows Up
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