This course will help in recognizing features of oppositionality, as well as understanding the likely causes within your child, and it will assist with parenting decisions and responses. | Their Middle Name is “No!”: ADHD Parenting Course Module 4
This course addresses issues related to time management, prioritization and planning, and organization specifically to executive functioning challenges. | Late Again? (And Other Issues of Personal Organization and Time Management): Parenting Course Module 2
This course helps you to identify your child’s specific ADHD traits and their severity, and to consider how they impact family life. It includes exercises that assist with clarifying family values and solidifying your goals, all of which will allow you to proceed with clearer decision-making when parenting. | Understanding and Managing ADHD: Parenting Course Module 1
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Welcome to this professionally supported online course for parenting ADHD. This 4 week session meets weekly on Fridays from 12 – 1 PM CST between October 9th – October 30th, 2020 on zoom. This is a professionally supported online coaching course for parenting ADHD. This 4 week session meets weekly on Fridays from 12 – … Continued | Parenting ADHD: Small Group Coaching Course
What does this school year mean for my child or teen with ADHD? Join me for a 30 minute webinar to assist parents starting this unprecedented school year. We will be discussing practical tips and strategies to begin the school year. Be sure to register: Register Here! | Parenting ADHD in the 2020-2021 School Year: Tips for Managing the Beginning of the Year