Staying Connected With Your Child

Even though so many of us have been home more than what is typical is recent months, it is still easy to be disconnected from each other. We stay busy with household tasks, work, and other to do items. It seems easy to be distracted by television, news, online entertainment, or video gaming. Often, I find myself needing to intentionally focus on meaningful connection with my children. I find it worth reflecting on how my time is spent and if it matches what is most meaningful and important. If you are like me, you might think about setting your intentions and allowing that to lead to commitments.

Make a commitment to a certain amount of time each day or week and think about how to fit that into your particular schedule. Consider whether prioritizing quality time spent should override other tasks. Maybe something could be put on tomorrow’s to do list? Are there other activities that are not as important? Is there something that needs to be cut out of your day or schedule or at least demote its importance in your schedule?

Consider making time when everyone will be offline:

  • Make a schedule and set a time to give your full attention to your child and/or family.
  • Think about what distracts you and keeps you from being fully present.
  • Keep listening. Often children and teens will say things spontaneously. These are opportunities to know what your child is thinking, recent experiences they have had or what is meaningful to them.

Websites or ideas for winter activities: