Executive Functioning Help for Teachers

Contact me for Executive Functioning Classroom Resources or Executive Functioning Training for Teachers

classroom_03Prior to opening my private practices in Leawood and Lawrence, Kansas, I worked in schools for 14 years as a school school psychologist and coordinator of district mental health services. Being in this environment, I am familiar with the unique rewards and challenges that educators experience when working with children and adolescents with executive functioning needs. I am passionate about working with teachers to better understand these students by providing executive functioning support and resources.

In addition to my working with children directly through my private practice, I also spend my time working with educators in school settings. I may be working with a large group of teachers through a seminar or speaking engagement, or I might sit down one-on-one with a teacher to discuss the specific needs of a particular student. Together we will discuss the unique needs of the student and create both short and long term goals.

To learn more about executive functioning help in the classroom contact me about a speaking engagement, please click here.

To view my series of educator resources regarding Executive Functioning, please click www.tishtaylor.com/shop.

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