How To Help a Child with ADHD Listen to Instructions

If you have a child who has recently undergone Overland Park ADHD testing and been diagnosed with ADHD, then having resources available is key to keeping your child on track. One of the big complaints parents make after an Overland Park ADHD evaluation is their child’s lack of listening or refusal to follow directions. This can be very frustrating waters for any parent to navigate and it can be difficult to know the best way to respond in a healthy way to your child.

Why do Children with ADHD Struggle so Much with Listening?

After a child that has gone through Overland Park ADHD evaluations and been diagnosed with ADHD, there are some behavioral difficulties that parents struggle with. At the top of the list is feeling like your child simply isn’t listening to instructions or details. It’s important as a parent to understand why this seems to be happening to your child so you can respond in a better manner.

Children with ADHD Often Can’t Pinpoint the Most Important Details

One of the main reasons that children with ADHD might struggle with directions is their inability to screen out unimportant details. When the brain is listening to instructions, it’s carefully planning how to respond by paying attention to the important details and filtering out the unneeded ones.

A child with ADHD often can’t filter these unimportant details making their brain flooded with excess information they cannot prioritize. Try to be prepared for this and arrange a positive plan of response.

Children with ADHD Struggle to Focus

Another issue could be your child’s ability to stay focused on the whole conversation. They may find themselves listening one minute and drifting into distraction, missing key information needed to respond with the desired action.

With the help of an ADHD parenting course in Overland Park, you as a parent can learn more effective ways to communicate with your child. You will also learn how to develop more effective parenting strategies, specifically for children with ADHD. Getting your child on a path to developing better listening skills is crucial and can be developed when you take ADHD parenting courses in Overland Park.

After all, having a great relationship with your child is what you want. Sometimes this becomes difficult, especially for a child that receives a positive ADHD diagnosis after undergoing ADHD testing in Overland Park. But, when you find solutions that work, it can restore relationships and bring some much-needed peace to your home.

When you work with me, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D., I will conduct an Overland Park ADHD evaluation for your child with compassion and care. As a licensed child psychologist with years of experience in public schools, I will provide valuable insight to help you and your child.

If your child receives a positive ADHD diagnosis, you can be assured that you aren’t alone in this. There are Overland Park ADHD parenting classes and other support systems in place to help both you and your child.

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