ADHD Testing in Shawnee: 4 Important Ways to Support a Child After Being Diagnosed with ADHD

ADHD Testing in Shawnee: 4 Important Ways to Support a Child After Being Diagnosed with ADHD — Hey there, amazing parents and guardians! Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed when it comes to helping your child navigate the challenges of ADHD? Well, you’re not alone! We understand that parenting a child with ADHD can be a rollercoaster ride, but ADHD testing in Shawnee with Dr. Tish can help guide you through this journey.

In today’s article, we’ll be exploring some helpful tips and tricks to help both you and your child’s school create a supportive and fun learning environment for children diagnosed with ADHD. After reading this, you’ll be more prepared on ways to accommodate children who have ADHD and provide effective treatment options.

Most people find that school is a challenge when their child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Especially today when Covid-19 forced schools to use remote learning. Children that have gone through ADHD testing in Shawnee and were later diagnosed with ADHD are facing many additional challenges that other children don’t. Some students have had a disruption in learning and have fallen behind in their schoolwork.

You, as a parent, may want to take online ADHD parenting classes in Shawnee to help your child at home. Equally, your child’s school needs to understand your child’s unique situation. If your little one has recently undergone ADHD evaluations in Shawnee and received and ADHD diagnosis, then the school should be making accommodations to support your child.


Here are some ways you can help your child’s school to accommodate your child’s needs.


Get Them Moving!

All children, especially those diagnosed through ADHD testing in Shawnee, must move their bodies. Physical play through recess is very important for someone with ADHD. It’s also helpful to take intermittent breaks from sitting so that they do not become agitated.

They will be able to use some of that extra energy and their thoughts will have a chance to relax if you get them moving. You should discuss the matter with the head of the school if you want your child to participate in more physical activities throughout the school day.



Ask the School to Support the Social-Emotional Growth of Your Child

Children who have completed ADHD testing in Shawnee and have received an ADHD diagnosis, they often struggle with their friendships and relationships at school. This is unfortunate because it is essential that children with ADHD find ways to improve their social growth. Ask your child’s school if there is a mental health professional on staff that could assist with developing social skill development during these times.

Your school can work to develop social skills inside of the classroom with a trained mental health professional. Your child’s school may also recommend online ADHD parenting classes in Shawnee so, you can enhance your child’s social skills at home.


Find Out About a Checkup to See if There Are Any Other Problems

As a parent, you can ask for ADHD evaluations in Shawnee or other learning disability evaluations in Shawnee. You may want to request these to see if your child is dealing with conditions like dyslexia or even autism. Getting the most accurate diagnosis will enable you to give your child the best start in their future. Having various evaluations to get the right diagnosis or even an autism assessment in Shawnee is a great way to get the most accurate evaluation as many children with ADHD have a co-occurring diagnosis.



Help Your Child Adjust to New Environments by Consulting With the School

If your child is in middle school or high school, it can be hard to transition from class to class. In fact, some elementary schools allow students to rotate classrooms and experience different surroundings. This can be particularly difficult for children who have ADHD and don’t transition well or adjust to constantly changing spaces. Talk to your child’s school about minimizing these kinds of transitions so that your child can stay focused.


I, Dr. Tish Taylor, am proud to be a licensed child psychologist that offers Shawnee ADHD testing for children of all ages. My experience working with schools gives me the opportunity to be a resource for parents and school staff. My career has provided a wide range of experience with ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, anxiety, mood, and behavior problems. By utilizing the latest research, we can create an intervention method that will give your child the support they need.


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