Helping Parents Succeed After a Child’s ADHD Diagnosis

If you are a parent of a child that recently went through ADHD testing in Overland Park, you are not alone. It can feel very lonely and overwhelming when your child tests positive for ADHD. It’s important to remember that every child wants to be able to have the ability to curb their energy and frustration in a healthy way. ADHD makes that difficult at times.

After your child has undergone ADHD evaluations in Overland Park and receives a positive ADHD diagnosis, then it can become more clear to parents that this is something that can’t always be controlled by your child. As a parent, learning more about ADHD and how to respond to your child through ADHD parenting courses in Overland Park can make a big difference in family interactions.

As an experienced child psychologist, I’m here to provide some suggestions on how you can provide the best parenting possible for your child. Here’s some helpful advice on helping your child after they have undergone ADHD testing in Overland Park.

Manage Priorities and Make Compromises

Many parents find it difficult to adjust their parenting techniques to fit one child’s needs. Sometimes making small compromises when you have a child with ADHD can make a big impact.
For example, what if your child just completed a long day of school, and has homework, chores, and baseball practice all in one night? That’s quite a workload. Make sure you prioritize the important things and put the not-so-important tasks aside for one night. You may consider skipping baseball practice and chores for one evening.
Eight hours of school for your child and then a folder of homework can feel overwhelming for any child or parent. Getting through each day helps your child to feel successful in what they are doing is essential to success.

Try to Keep a Positive Mind Frame

This can be difficult, but it is important for all parents to be a good influence on their children. Often, when a child undergoes Overland Park ADHD evaluations and is diagnosed with ADHD, it’s because of problems parents are seeing at home or in school.
Staying positive and connecting with a child who is struggling with ADHD is key to getting the best possible results. Chances are your child is already feeling the negative results of ADHD and is looking to you for support and encouragement. Make sure your child knows you are always there for guidance and positive reinforcement.

Find Some Parenting Support As Soon As Possible

If your child has undergone an autism assessment in Overland Park and been diagnosed with a learning disorder or ADHD it can be a bit overwhelming. There have likely been instances where teachers, principals, and coaches struggled to get through to your child.
As a parent, it’s easy to get frustrated, which is why finding support like ADHD parenting courses in Overland Park can be so helpful. By reaching out to other parents and educating yourself on ADHD, you can share experiences and make breakthroughs that will help you deal with your child’s ADHD.

I, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D., provide clinical evaluations, therapy, and parenting education services to help your child and your entire family succeed. As a licensed child psychologist in Kansas City with years of experience in the education system, I understand the complexity that is ADHD.
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