Executive Functioning and ADHD Help for Parents

Dr. Taylor has a special interest in developing executive functioning and ADHD resources for busy parents.  Her most recent work includes products that assist parents with developing a deeper understanding of the needs of a child with ADHD and executive functioning deficits.  These products include research based information that allows for strategic planning and ADHD interventions for a child or adolescent.  The information is summarized within an instructional video as well as an accompanying pdf manual.  The material is meant to comprehensive, yet concise and pragmatic.  They are most helpful in providing comprehensive executive functioning resources and ADHD resources, strategies for anger management and emotional regulation, and difficulties with academic motivation.  There is also a series for children or young teens who demonstrate verbal or physical aggression.  These products can be purchased through the “shop” button on this site by clicking here: http://www.tishtaylor.com/shop