Does My Child Have ADHD?

Although only a licensed professional can diagnose or administer ADHD testing in Overland Park, that doesn’t mean you can’t spot some warning signs as a parent that can lead you to find an expert. If you are doing some research or bringing your child in for testing, then chances are you are seeing your child struggle and you want to find ways to help.

What are some signs that your child might need ADHD testing in Overland Park?

  • A continual short attention span – Remember, it’s normal for children to have a smaller attention span than adults. However, if it is causing problems in important places in the classroom, then it might be an indicator.
  • Impulsiveness – This includes interrupting others when they are talking or having trouble waiting in line.
  • Emotional outbursts – These may seem disproportionate to what your child is experiencing. Common examples include temper tantrums when being asked to do a simple task.
  • Inability to Sit Still – Constantly fidgeting fingers, toes, legs, or anything else so they can release energy.
  • Struggling to Complete Tasks – Your child will begin a task but rarely finishes or forgets about it completely.
  • Carelessness – This includes making errors due to inattentiveness, not out of lack of knowledge.
  • Poor Noise Control – They may struggle to speak at a volume to match the environment, such as talking loudly in a classroom, church, or library.
  • Being Uninvolved – When a child continually zones out, daydreams, or ignores another individual.
  • Lack of Organization – Your child may struggle with school, homework, sports training, or other activities that require preparation.

If you are wondering if it’s too early to have Overland Park ADHD testing for your child, you aren’t alone. Crossing the line from normal childhood behavior to needing to schedule ADHD evaluations in Overland Park is a hard decision.

ADHD testing can be done as early as age 5 and can even be evaluated throughout childhood. There are even ADHD parenting courses in Overland Park which can be a great resource for parents to help them develop successful strategies.

Why Do I Need an Evaluation for My Child?

An evaluation helps to provide individuals and families with resources to better understand their child. This can help the child achieve success in school and beyond. An evaluation can also help parents become more compassionate, which helps your child to be understood better.

Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D., will provide a thorough Overland Park ADHD evaluation with compassion and care. As a licensed child psychologist with years of experience in public schools, Dr. Tish Taylor is passionate about working with kids and adults with ADHD. If your child receives an ADHD diagnosis, you can be assured that you are not alone in this journey. We can provide Overland Park ADHD parenting classes and the proper support for you and your child.

Call us today to schedule an appointment at (913) 738-4177 or fill out a contact form online to get the process started. Dr. Tish Taylor looks forward to assisting you and your child in the near future.