Common Ground

Note that I am veering off of my normal posts/blogs and will return to my more typical content with subsequent posts and blogs.

I find myself very disheartened and concerned about the overarching political climate in the United States at this time.  In my viewpoint, it is exceptionally negative, divisive, and all around unfriendly.  It has created much additional stress, worry, and anger.  I am not only concerned for us as a nation in this regard, but also for our youngest generation observing this climate and not having any other example or point in time to compare.  How will our children know how to think differently outside of a more divisive climate?

It is my hope that our children will see and experience examples of respect and honest engagement in conversation with others with whom they do not fully agree.  It is my hope that our children can learn to think about others with an open mind and as fellow Americans, even if they do not understand why another thinks the way they do.  It is my hope that our children will be able to engage in political thinking and discourse in a way that honors our democracy and the populace in general.

We can still teach them.