#1 Child Dyslexia Evaluation in Shawnee: Unlocking AMAZING Potential with Dr. Tish

Child Dyslexia Evaluation in Shawnee: Unlocking Potential with Dr. Tish–In the intricate journey of learning, every child holds a unique puzzle waiting to be solved. For children with dyslexia, this puzzle can seem particularly daunting, filled with letters that dance and words that elude grasp. However, under the expert guidance of Dr. Tish, a renowned child psychologist in Shawnee, these young minds are discovering that their learning differences are not roadblocks but simply detours on the path to success. In a world where the act of reading can feel like deciphering an ancient code, understanding the symptoms of dyslexia is the first.

Child Dyslexia Evaluation in Shawnee: Identify the Dyslexia Symptoms

With the assistance of Dr. Tish, a child psychologist in Shawnee, dyslexic kids can break through the learning puzzle and succeed in school, the workplace, and life in general. For all kids, but especially for those with learning disabilities, starting school can be difficult. Imagine trying to learn to read and either not understanding words at all or recalling what you have learned. When a child has dyslexia, this is what occurs.

Child Dyslexia Evaluation in Shawnee: Cracking the Code on Dyslexia

Joan A. Mele-McMarthy, vice president of the board of directors of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), describes it as “a language-based learning difference that affects reading and spelling, but included in that is a difficulty with hearing, perceiving, and sequencing sounds, word retrieval, organization, and working memory.”

According to the IDA, dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing, and spelling difficulties, and 15 to 20 percent of the general population suffers from language-based learning disorders. The disorder affects boys and girls almost equally and is heritable.

Research has revealed that both boys and girls are equally affected, contrary to the previous belief that boys are affected twice as much. According to recent reports, girls with dyslexia are only marginally more able to function than boys.

In addition to misreading letters, dyslexics may struggle with speaking, organizing written and spoken language, remembering numerical facts, learning foreign languages, and performing math operations. A child dyslexia evaluation in Shawnee can help determine the right course of action.


Understanding Dyslexia

Some of the early warning indicators may be evident in preschool-aged children struggle to learn the alphabet, colors, shapes, or rhymes. Even with excellent instruction, first graders may find it challenging to decipher language and understand what is being said. A child dyslexia evaluation in Shawnee can help determine if your child has trouble distinguishing and ordering the sounds. As children blend sounds, their working memory cannot contain all of the sounds. A dyslexia diagnosis often explains why they have trouble understanding that passage of text.

While the majority of first-graders experience a reading explosion, dyslexic kids fall well short of their classmates even though they are intelligent and have strong problem-solving abilities.

Among the warning signs your preschooler might need a child dyslexia evaluation in Shawnee:

  • Reading single words—like those on flashcards—being difficult
  • Having trouble understanding how letters and sounds relate to each other
  • Short, unclear words like “it” and “to”
  • Swapping out letters, like “b” for “d”
  • Changing entire words, like “top” to “pot,”

If your child exhibits even one of these signs, they may not need a child dyslexia evaluation in Shawnee. Many children learn to reverse letters before they turn seven. However, if your child exhibits multiple symptoms of these issues or if dyslexia runs in your family, it may be time for a formal assessment with a child psychologist in Shawnee.

Child Dyslexia Evaluations in Shawnee

Making a Dyslexia Diagnosis

A single child dyslexia evaluation in Shawnee does not exist for dyslexia. It is accomplished by a series of evaluations. Information processing, verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills, working memory, processing speed, word retrieval and spelling agility, sound manipulation, rhyming, and a child’s ability to articulate complex ideas are the usual areas of focus.” A child psychologist in Shawnee uses a thorough testing program to identify the precise type of dyslexia that a child has as well as the best course of treatment.

Assessing the student’s reading and comprehension skills in greater detail is a second step in the diagnosis process.

Child Dyslexia Evaluation in Shawnee: Effective Treatment for Dyslexia

A diagnosis of dyslexia does not guarantee that your child will complete their education, attend college, or find employment. However, children with learning disabilities may experience issues with self-esteem if they do not receive specific assistance.

To create new learning patterns, educational treatment methods and instruction must be used frequently and intensely with a child psychologist in Shawnee. The most effective teaching programs use a multisensory approach.

In addition to diagnosing the type of learning disability, our child psychologist in Shawnee offers recommendations for a treatment plan created especially for each student. Additionally, we can collaborate with the nearby school systems and recommend classroom interventions specifically for each child.

Your child doesn’t have to be held back by learning disabilities. Many well-known people have overcome dyslexia, such as Tommy Hilfiger, the fashion designer, John T. Chambers, the president and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc., actress Whoopi Goldberg, and Charles Schwab, the founder of the brokerage firm Charles Schwab & Co.

People with dyslexia can take on and excel in almost anything in life with the right instruction.


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Child Dyslexia Evaluations in Shawnee

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