#1 Autism Assessment in Shawnee: Worried Your Child May Have Autism?

Autism Assessment in Shawnee: Worried Your Child May Have Autism?

Dr. Tish knows that people of all ethnicities, nationalities, faiths, and sexes can be affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder – it does not discriminate. Unfortunately, it affects 1 out of every 68 children, according to recent data. It outpaces both childhood cancer and diabetes put together in terms of prevalence. For those who show signs of autism, a proper autism assessment is often needed.

Parents should be concerned about their children’s mental health, especially if something has been troubling your child recently. If you are concerned and want to be proactive, it might be best for your child to have an autism assessment in Shawnee. There is currently no cure for autism, but a child’s quality of life can be greatly improved with early diagnosis and intervention.


What is ASD?

Dr. Tish Taylor says that understanding what occurs in children with autism spectrum disorders can help parents in Shawnee recognize the signs of their child’s condition. You can also help provide them with the support they need. You may notice your child having challenges:

  • Socially
  • Behaviorally
  • Verbally

Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, and childhood disintegrative disorder are all parts of autism spectrum disorder. These are all possibilities as to why your child may need an autism assessment in Shawnee.

Autistic children do not differ from typically developing children in any outward way. There are certain things that distinguish children with autism from other children, such as their:

  • Behavior
  • Interactions
  • Communication
  • Learning

A young person with autism may exhibit mild to severe difficulties in daily life, or they may excel in one area (such as music or academics). So, who are the people who are able to identify autistic symptoms in children? Parents, educators, and a child psychologist in Shawnee can all help spot these concerns.

Can You Identify the Three Most Prominent Signs of Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorders are a collection or series of severe developmental challenges. The severity of autism-related developmental delays and the individual’s age will determine the spectrum of symptoms and may help you find out if your child needs an autism assessment in Shawnee. But are the symptoms experienced by all children on the autism spectrum the same? The answer is no, as every child’s situation is unique.


Here are three main things that parents and teachers can look out for to identify autism:

  • Difficulties with social interaction
  • Trouble with communication
  • Repetitive actions

Further evaluation is required for the diagnosis through an autism assessment in Shawnee, especially when a child exhibits two of the three impairments in these areas, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Some other important things to be aware of when looking for potential signs of autism are:

  • Developmental Delays: Autistic children may struggle to communicate and engage with others.
  • Impairment in Social Interaction and Communication: Some of the symptoms that children with autism may experience include the following:
    • Trouble communicating to peers of their own age
    • Social anxiety
    • Struggles with making friends
    • Difficulty expressing or understanding their own emotions
    • Unable to play well with peers
    • Reduced use of non-verbal clues
  • Challenges in Communicating: A child psychologist in Shawnee knows that a child on the autism spectrum may exhibit a wide range of verbal abilities. This is from complete silence to clumsiness or even fluency. Some autistic children also deal with delayed language development. Some are unable to keep eye contact, and may provide irrelevant responses when asked questions.

Children on the autism spectrum may exhibit peculiar and repetitive behaviors such as twirling, flapping their arms, rocking their body, pacing, or spinning. This might also manifest as an unhealthy preoccupation with one thing or subject.

What Could Lead to Autism?

The American Psychiatric Association states that “the cause of autism spectrum disorder is unknown.” Environmental variables, genetics, and pregnancy could all have a role in the development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children. The list below can play a factor in autism for children.

  • A strong hereditary component: A personal or family history of autism spectrum disorder is associated with an increased risk of developing the disorder.
  • Medications, air pollutants, and viral infections: These are all examples of environmental factors that have been theorized to have a role in the onset of autism in children.
  • Problems with Pregnancy: It is not known whether a child is more likely to have autism spectrum disorder if the mother is older or if the baby is born prematurely.

How Does Autism Diagnosis Occur?

It is important to closely monitor the child’s:

  • Behavior
  • Social Skills
  • Communication Abilities

This coupled with an autism assessment in Shawnee allows for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from a child psychologist in Shawnee. There is no way to diagnose autism through medical or blood testing. The majority of autistic children first show signs between the ages of two and three.

Does an Early Diagnosis Matter?

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a better quality of life if diagnosed early, according to studies.


How Does Autism Treatment Work?

Since the cause of autism spectrum disorder remains a mystery, when it comes to autism, there is no magic pill. Treatment plans in Shawnee will be tailored to each child. These often depend on their unique needs based on their age and the severity of their symptoms.

Parents who are just now hearing this news may find this especially difficult to accept. Rest assured, a child psychologist in Shawnee agrees that globally, therapy and counseling for autistic children has many positive effects. Timely treatment is what’s important, regardless of whether the children are young or old. The earlier therapy begins for a child with autism spectrum disorder, the better off the patient will be.

How Can Autism Spectrum Disorder Be Treated?

One of the most prevalent treatments for autism spectrum disorder is Applied Behavior Analysis, according to the CDC. Good behaviors are promoted and bad behaviors are discouraged in the therapy. A scientific approach is used to teach the child how to play, communicate, and behave.

Family therapy from a child psychologist in Shawnee and Applied Behavior Analysis are both recommended. Primary caregivers, whether they be parents, siblings, or other family members, should be prepared to handle the challenges of caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder.

Talk to a mental health expert if you need an autism assessment in Shawnee to help figure out whether your child has autism. A child psychologist in Shawnee can help teach you how to care for a child who has autism spectrum disorder which is the least frustrating to you.

Considering an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) evaluation or an autism assessment in Shawnee?

Seeking an ASD evaluation or an autism assessment in Shawnee can be an anxiety-provoking experience for parents. However, my process for this evaluation is meant to be compassionate, while also being thorough and clinical so that your child and family can get the answers, and the support you need.


Proper evaluation and diagnoses are important for individuals with a potential Autism Spectrum Disorder

Specific forms of treatment and intervention, as well as early intervention, are all highly important.

Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations and diagnoses are made in accordance with the criteria published by the American Psychiatric Association in their Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


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