What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning is an important aspect of development and overall functioning.  It effects a person, both young and old, in many functional ways.  Executive functioning in a term used to describe goal directed behavior and what many researchers refer to as the ‘CEO of the brain’.  This includes various functions that assist with inhibition, working memory, planning and organization, sustained concentration for tasks, emotional regulation, shifting thought processes as needed, adaptability to change, self monitoring, and time management.

When you think about it, these abilities impact almost all of our daily activities.  They strongly impact school and work performance.  Often, I find that many bright and intelligent individuals do not perform to their intellectual potential due to long standing issues with Executive Functioning.

Treatment for Executive Functioning deficits often include educating those individuals working with the person with these deficits and utilization of behavioral and educational methods to address the above abilities as each person will show their own unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses.  Medical intervention can also be sought if an individual is diagnosed with ADHD, as symptoms of Executive Functioning deficits and ADHD overlap.