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Psychological evaluations in Kansas City

Considering a Psychological evaluation?

You should consider a Psychological evaluation if you are…

  • Lowered mood or depression
  • Unregulated mood or emotions
  • Anxiety, worry, fears
  • Difficulty with attention and concentration
  • Concerns about behavior
  • Change in personality
  • A combination of issues that make differentiating diagnoses more difficult

A psychological evaluation in Kansas City at my Leawood or Lawrence office covers various aspects of child and adolescent clinical mental health issues.

This type of evaluation can be quite helpful in clarifying a psychological profile and for diagnostic clarification. All evaluation results are shared at a followup appointment where a clinical report is provided and appropriate recommendations for treatment are discussed.

How it works

Step 1

Psychological evaluations are commonly a two-hour evaluation appointment where many forms of data are collected.

Step 2

A followup session is scheduled at the time of the evaluation, where results are reviewed, specific intervention recommendations are discussed, and a clinical report is provided.

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