Psychoeducational Testing in Overland Park: 5 Assessment Advantages to Help Kids at School

Psychoeducational Testing in Overland Park: Five Assessment Advantages to Help Kids at School — Education can be exciting and fun. However, it can also be difficult. It can be challenging for kids with attention and learning issues to comprehend new ideas and retain new knowledge. Even sorting through assignments from multiple subjects can be stressful. You’re balancing obligations at home with extracurricular activities. For students, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job. While some students perform well under pressure, others find it difficult to keep everything in balance. It is difficult to be a parent and watch your child struggle in school. It can seem like an even greater mountain to climb when you don’t understand why.


Psychoeducational Assessments Are Beneficial

Issues at school can affect every aspect of life. For example, take the stories of “Amy and Curtis”– Amy is in the third grade. She had always loved school, until this year. She was eager to learn and her teachers enjoyed having her as a student. This year, Amy dislikes school. Her teacher is reporting late assignments, and her grades are declining.

She always leaves her backpack at home after school and makes every effort to avoid doing her homework. Outside of school hours, she won’t read books. Amy’s parents notice that she struggles to understand new concepts when it comes to homework. Amy has trouble staying focused and is easily sidetracked. She won’t read aloud, and when asked to write, she breaks down in tears. As soon as she completes her homework, everyone is worn out.


Psychoeducational Testing in Overland Park


Fifth grader, Curtis is a lively student. He adores learning and sports. He’s eager to learn, but he struggles to keep everything together. He overlooks his homework and lunch. He forgets to turn in assignments, and his backpack is a complete mess. After school, he tosses his backpack on the ground.

He tosses his shoes in different directions, gets a snack, and goes to his room. Discarded plates and bowls are in his room and other areas of the house, which is now a problem for the family as he leaves a perpetual mess. His disorganization also has an impact on his schoolwork.


Does Any of This Sound familiar?

If so, it may be time to see Dr. Tish! 

Five Benefits of Psychoeducational Testing in Overland Park


1) Comprehensive Psych-Ed Testing

It’s possible that you’ve been wondering if your child is struggling with attention or learning. You and your pediatrician have spoken. You even responded to a questionnaire in an attempt to learn more about your child. Psychoeducational resources can offer you additional information and solutions.

A variety of factors frequently contribute to the difficulties many children have in school. These elements may consist of slowed processing, poor executive functioning, and learning challenges. in addition to issues with behavior and mood. Psychometric testing can evaluate each of these elements and assist both you and your child in realizing how they add to academic challenges.


2) Psych-Ed Testing Can Provide Multiple Answers Simultaneously

Psychoeducational testing in Overland Park can give you a complete picture of your child’s skills. This produces a distinct profile of your child’s strong and weak points. When seeking evaluation, parents and young people frequently have a number of questions or worries. A thorough analysis can evaluate each of these issues.

Psychometric testing can assist your child in comprehending potential relationships. Alternatively, testing can go a long way towards identifying the issue that is most problematic. Among the focus areas for your child’s psychological evaluation are:

  • Focus and Attention
  • Intellectual and Cognitive Capacities
  • Executive Functions, Including Planning and Organizing
  • Language and Processing
  • Acquiring Knowledge and Recalling What Was Learned
  • Ability to Solve Problems
  • Social Abilities
  • Processing Nonverbal and Visual Information


3) Collaborative Psych-Ed Testing

To be successful, evaluation must be approached collaboratively. A child psychologist in Overland Park will compile information and data for the evaluation from a variety of sources. This could apply to guardians, educators, and other healthcare professionals. Detailed information will enable the psychologist to comprehend your child as a whole, including the ways in which their difficulties manifest in various settings. Gathering accurate data facilitates more accurate diagnosis and assessment. The psychologist’s access to reliable information from various sources also makes it possible to make tailored recommendations for your child.


4) A Success Plan Can Be Provided Using Psych-Ed Testing

Psychoeducational testing in Overland Park can assist you in comprehending the particular learning profile of your child. The treatment needs of your child can also be better understood with the aid of a thorough evaluation. You will meet with a psychologist following testing. Here, they will go over your child’s test results and offer suggestions for remedial measures. These suggestions might involve implementing in-school interventions like extended testing periods, organizational assistance, and assigned seating.

In addition, adjustments for learning disabilities are provided. It may be possible for a psychologist to support team building for school-home collaboration and attend IEP/504 meetings. A psychologist might suggest psychotherapy outside of school to address behavioral or mood issues. It will also be determined whether or not the child will require speech and/or occupational therapy, based on the child’s unique needs.


5) Psychoeducational testing in Overland Park Can Aid In Your Child’s Understanding

It can be challenging to comprehend when your child behaves or learns in a different way than you anticipate. It can also be challenging to connect with your child when they think differently than you. When it comes to homework, constant worry may leave you feeling exhausted.

In Overland Park, psychoeducational testing in Overland Park can provide you with the necessary information. You can help them learn and succeed in life with it. You’ll be able to comprehend how your child thinks, solves problems, and approaches new situations and assignments. Psychoeducational testing in Overland Park can also aid in your child’s self-discovery.

Hundreds of families have benefited from the assistance of Dr. Tish in better comprehending their child’s behavior. both with education at home and in school. To fully comprehend your concerns, we will perform an extensive clinical assessment and interview. To truly understand your child, Dr. Tish will collaborate as a team with educators, therapists, doctors, and caregivers.

Dr. Tish will test your child together in order to compile a personalized profile of their areas of strength and weakness. Dr. Tish will go over the testing results and suggestions with you afterward. We will assist you in comprehending the implications of this feedback for intervention and treatment. Dr. Tish’s goal is for your child to realize their greatest potential.



“My child struggles to focus long enough for tests.”

You can understandably be concerned about your child’s attention span. However, these issues need to be properly evaluated. Dr. Tish has worked with kids, teens, and young adults of all ages and developmental stages for many years. During the psychological testing, we meet your child where they are and give them breaks and rest. These pauses are theirs to take as often as necessary. In order to attain accurate assessment results, breaks are provided as needed in order to maintain a child’s optimal performance.


“Psychoeducational testing in Overland Park can be conducted at my child’s school.”

Dr. Tish offers more thorough psychological testing than is usually administered in schools to ascertain eligibility for educational services. Assessments administered in schools might only concentrate on academic growth or accomplishment. However, a thorough assessment can concentrate on comprehending the overall picture of your child’s brain development. Furthermore, it is capable of diagnosing behavior, learning, and attention issues in the context of the whole child.


“At the pediatrician, we completed a form. Is that not sufficient?”

It can be very beneficial to discuss your concerns with your child’s pediatrician. You might still have questions, though. If your child’s learning, attention, or mood are causing serious concerns, the pediatrician may suggest additional evaluation and testing. Alternatively, if your worries are vague, you may be worried about a variety of things, like anxiety and inattentiveness. and when care for mental health needs is necessary. A thorough assessment can evaluate these problems. Understanding their relationship will help you identify which issue is most problematic. Psychological testing can offer suggestions for both the home and school environment.


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 This Google 5 Star review from Amy W. says it all, “Dr. Taylor has made a tremendous amount of impact on our family. She has a thoughtful approached and endless techniques to help children learn how to cope and navigate through their thoughts and feelings. She has given encouragement and piece of mind. She is truly a lifesaver.”



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