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VIDEO SERIES FOR EDUCATORS: Handling Adolescents with ADHD & Executive Functioning



This video training provides an easy to understand explanation of the behavioral and neurological profile of students with ADHD and Executive Functioning issues.  It is helpful in that educators can gain a deeper understanding or what is occurring for students and families when these issues are present.  There are also various intervention ideas presented for teachers and teams to consider.  An accompanying document is provided that includes a summary of the important points as well as a downloadable plan that can be used in the school setting for individual students.  The information provided in this presentation is both scientifically based and pragmatic for educators.

After purchase, you’ll be able to access the video and download/print the accompanying PDF file within your account. Just log back in to your account to watch the video as many times as you’d like.

Video Access

The school can add the name and email of each staff member who will be taking the training class. The school can simply create an account during the checkout process and then provide the account login credentials to all staff members. The staff members can each return to the website at their convenience and log into the school's account to watch the video. After watching the video, each staff member will be able to notate they have completed their continuing education. The staff member will then receive an automated email with a certificate of completion and the school will receive a notification email.
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