Kickstart School with these Amazing 3 Tips After an Overland Park ADHD Evaluation from Dr. Tish Taylor

ADHD Back to School Tips After an Overland Park ADHD Evaluation from Dr. Tish Taylor--We are a few weeks back to school, and you have probably started to try to get back into some routine with your child. Remember that children diagnosed with ADHD will struggle during the first few weeks of school after having had an Overland Park ADHD evaluation with Dr. Tish Taylor.

Just when you think you have a handle on things, you have another holiday like Labor Day, which may incur a setback that may happen again.No worries. Dr. Tish is here to give you a few back-to-school tips so that school can be a less stressful experience for your child with ADHD.

Here is a transitional tip:

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Tip #1: Communication – With the help of Dr. Tish, discuss with your child what they can expect. The morning before school, explain what your expectations are and the expectations you have for your child.

If you had ADHD testing in Overland Park this summer, there were probably a few things discussed with you already, but communication is vital for the first day.



Get the professional advice and recommendations your

family needs to create a positive and nurturing environment for everyone.


Tip #2: Listen – Dr. Tish says that after having an Overland Park ADHD evaluation with her, one of the most important things you can take away from the experience is learning to listen to your child. Listen to their concerns.

Children have just as many worries as adults. Talk with your child about this school year’s goals and expectations. Write them down.


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This is a time to be excited with your child, not a time for lectures. Keep this time positive, listen, empathize, and use empathetic parenting skills.

Tip #3: Prepare – Prior to the start of the school year, communicate with school staff regarding your child’s diagnosis. Take the results of their ADHD testing in Overland Park and any other notes that Dr. Tish has made about your child.

Advocate for a teacher that you have heard works well with children who have ADHD. Set up communication with school staff before the school year even begins.

Evaluations and ADHD Testing in Overland Park

If you have concerns about your child’s learning, discipline, or behavioral management and feel they may need ADHD testing in Overland Park, Dr. Tish will work to acquire the most detailed information possible. All ADHD evaluations will focus on getting details from the child, parents, teachers, and other professionals in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Other areas related to ADHD will also be thoroughly evaluated, specifically the child’s Executive Functioning issues.

All Overland Park ADHD testing, evaluations, and diagnoses are made in accordance with the criteria published by the American Psychiatric Association in their Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


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If you are struggling to find the right support for your child, contact me, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D. I am a licensed child psychologist who specializes in Overland Park ADHD testing. My experience working in and with schools makes me a valuable resource for parents.

I have a wide range of experience with diagnoses, including ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, anxiety, mood, and behavior problems. I also do autism assessment in Overland Park if that is where your concerns lie.

 I utilize the latest research to create intervention methods to give your child and your family the support they need, including learning disability evaluations in Overland Park.

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You can also receive guidance through my books focused on Fostering Connection and Parenting with ADHD. Click here to find out more about these publications and how they can be of major benefit to you and your child.

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