ADHD Testing in Overland Park: How Parents Can Foster a Great Connection with Their Child After an ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD Testing in Overland Park: How Parents Can Foster a Connection with Their Child After an ADHD Diagnosis — If you have a child that has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, it can be hard to know what the plan is moving forward. You may want to restart some unhealthy interactions and try some new techniques that will set both you and your child on a positive path.

Many parents experience frustration and burn out, which is why listening to informative webinars and ADHD parenting classes in Overland Park are so helpful. Learning new ways to interact and create a peaceful home is essential to being able to parent while maintaining connection when your child has undergone ADHD testing in Overland Park and received an ADHD diagnosis.


How Can a Parent Stay Connected with Their Child?

First, recognizing when you are overwhelmed and developing a support system can help in those moments. This may include relying on the other parent, extended family, or another trusted adult. Second, making time for yourself or taking small breaks is important to help yourself rejuvenate. Third, utilize helpful behavioral strategies and consider a behavior management system that is effective. Consulting with experts in the field can assist with developing this type of plan. Lastly, getting enough sleep and maintaining a health schedule are also helpful and important for your child and family.

You may also consider parenting classes, webinars, or books that will help you better understand ADHD.  See Dr. Taylor’s book “Parenting ADHD With Wisdom and Grace.


ADHD Testing in Overland Park


Understand ADHD better by educating both your child, people that work with your child, and yourself also. Information is key to helping people that interact with your child. This gives them some understanding of how their brain works differently and affords them the benefit of the doubt in certain situations.

Hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness are key qualifiers for diagnosis and ADHD testing in Overland Park. When teachers, coaches, and other people have a better understanding of this, they can have better interactions with your child.

Reach out for support, which can be found with other parents in Overland Park ADHD parenting classes. You can also reach out to experts in the fields such as counselors, psychologists, and your child’s doctor to find information and groups to help you feel supported. Others understand what you are going through, and having a space to share openly and learn from other experiences is profoundly helpful for parents.


ADHD Testing in Overland Park


When you work with me, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D., you or your child will receive an Overland Park ADHD evaluation that is done with compassion and care. As a licensed child psychologist with years of experience in public schools, working with kids and adults with ADHD is my passion. If your child receives a diagnosis of ADHD or undergoes learning disability evaluations in Overland Park, you can be assured that you aren’t alone in this.

There are Overland Park ADHD parenting classes and supports in place to help you learn how to best support your child and receive support yourself. Call me to schedule an appointment at (913) 738-4177 or fill out a contact form online to get started today!

You can also receive guidance through my books focused on Fostering Connection and Parenting ADHD with Wisdom & GraceClick here to find out more about these publications and how they can be a major benefit to you and your child.

I also offer webinars focused on developing an intervention plan and how to get through to a child that struggles with listening. You can learn more about these two helpful classes by clicking here.

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