Experts on ADHD Testing in Overland Park Recommends these 3 Amazing Gifts for Children with ADHD

Experts on ADHD Testing in Overland Park Recommends these 3 Gifts for Children with ADHD–Has your child recently undergone ADHD Testing in Overland Park? Were they subsequently diagnosed with ADHD? If so, getting your child the right kind of gift may help reduce the stresses that come with the holiday season.

According to WebMd and myself (Dr. Tish Taylor), these five gifts are wonderful for children who have ADHD.

Experts on ADHD Testing in Overland Park Recommend – #1 Sensory and Fidget Toys 

Children with ADHD often battle with hyperactive behavior. This can cause recurrent interruptions, make it difficult to sit still, and contribute to impulsive behavior according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Here are some great options if you are looking for stimulating sensory toys for the holidays:

  • Fidget Spinners
  • Poppers
  • Squeeze Balls

Sensory toys may prove effective for children with ADHD. Fidget and sensory toys are entertaining, they come in bright colors, and have many features. Now there are even manufacturers that have sensory subscription boxes, which can deliver new and thrilling toys to your home each month.

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Experts on ADHD Testing in Overland Park Recommend – #2 Educational Online Games

Educational online games can offer unique educational enrichment for children with ADHD, even though they should not be played excessively. All toys have risks and benefits, and educational online games are no different.

For children with ADHD, educational online games also improve executive functioning. Our recommendations for the most educational games include ABC Mouse, Prodigy, Starfall, and PBS Kids. These offer the fun and creativity of online playing but have an educational and skill-building emphasis.

Experts on ADHD Testing in Overland Park Recommend – #3 Pretend Play

Do you want to help your child cope with something scary like a trip to the doctor they are dreading? Pretend play is the way to go. It can also help them try on new roles and consider how it might feel to be another person. Pretend play promotes skills such as nurturing and compassion.

Some pretend play tools to consider include:

  • Dolls – baby dolls, action figures, and doll playsets
  • Dress-up supplies – to help children adopt new roles
  • Doctor’s kits – another popular choice amongst children


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These are just a few toys that may be beneficial to your child if they have completed ADHD testing and received an ADHD diagnosis. However, these toys are good for any child; and if you are awaiting a diagnosis, then these toys are very fun and encouraging, especially during the holiday season.


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