One of my passions is to work directly with teachers and school staff. I enjoy collaborating with schools and utilizing problem solving methods to assist the social, emotional, and behavioral health of students.  This includes providing ADHD resources to teachers, executive functioning classroom resources, assisting with behavior plans, and providing teaching strategies for students with developmental disabilities and psychological disorders.  I also strive to assist teachers and schools in developing a supportive and positive environment for all students.

I work to help teachers understand what the student is experiencing so that they can develop a deeper understanding and consider how they can be supportive of the student and family. We also address how to teach the student to become more independent. A specific plan is developed that includes short term and long term goals that are aligned with a teachers’ style and improving student skills.

Services include special education evaluations, functional behavior assessments, classroom observations, ADHD classroom resources, executive functioning classroom resources, and consultation and coaching services for learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavior problems, anxiety, and social skills.