Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom; the Importance of Testing and Treatment

Behavior challenges are becoming increasingly more prevalent both at home and in schools. It can be hard as a parent to know how to handle these kinds of challenges when it comes to your child in the classroom. Parents can struggle with whether this is a temper tantrum, a strong-willed child, or something more serious such as a behavioral disorder. This is when it’s good to have a professional to conduct learning disability evaluations in Overland Park and even some ADHD testing in Overland Park to get an accurate diagnosis.

Many disorders are common in children that are found to cause problems when it comes to the classroom. Some common disorders include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning Disabilities

When you find your child exhibiting behaviors that can be troubling, it’s important to reach out to get a learning disability evaluation, ADHD test, and autism assessment in Overland Park. These will help determine the root of the issue.

You might be asking yourself, what do some troubling behaviors look like?

  • Physical Outburst – This is any time a child hits, slaps, throws themselves on the floor, or any other physical display of aggression toward themself or others. If this becomes a constant trend, it could be part of a bigger issue that could be detected by undergoing testing, such as learning disability evaluations in Overland Park.
  • Inability to Pay Attention – Not being able to pay attention is something that most kids struggle with at one time or another. However, having a child that is constantly having issues might be cause for ADHD testing in Overland Park. Being able to stay on task, specifically in the classroom, is essential so that learning can take place.
  • Inability to Make or Keep Friends – Often when a child exhibits behavior that is abnormal in the classroom, such as outbursts or inattention, it can cause a problem with making friends. This can be a sign that they are having problems in the classroom.
  • Not Following Directions – If you have a child that doesn’t follow directions or is defiant, it can become frustrating to parents and teachers. It can cause problems with learning, and in the classroom, for the child and other children as well.

If your child shows these signs continuously, it might signal a need for additional resources and evaluation. Children will often exhibit some of these behaviors from time to time, but consistent outbursts and to the point of interrupting the classroom is a cause for concern and the need for an evaluation.


Learning Disability Evaluations in Overland Park


When you work with me, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D., you can be assured that your child’s Overland Park ADHD evaluation will be done with compassion and care. As a licensed child psychologist with years of experience in public schools, I have developed a strong passion for working with kids and adults.

If your child receives an ADHD diagnosis, you aren’t alone in this. There are Overland Park ADHD parenting classes and supports in place to help you learn how to best support your child –– and receive support yourself. Call today to schedule an appointment at (913) 738-4177 or fill out a contact form online to get started.

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