Back to School Advocacy for Your ADHD Child, Part 2

Last time we discussed, after having ADHD testing in Overland Park, what to do when you find out your child has this diagnosis. We talked about how your fight for advocacy is just beginning. After having ADHD evaluations in Overland Park, a lot of times, the professionals in education do not have time to deliver the services that are needed to educate your child properly.

In the second part of this two-part series, we will discover time the ways to identify the real challenges of ADHD and how to advocate for your child in the classroom. We’ll also cover what the steps are on your ladder for advocacy. After having an Overland Park ADHD evaluation, make sure you have all of your paperwork ready when you approach school staff about accommodations for your child.

Identifying the REAL Challenges of ADHD and Advocate for Your Child

After receiving ADHD testing in Overland Park and having ADHD evaluations in Overland Park, you will learn that ADHD is a struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. However, those are just words that describe symptoms; they may be of little help as teachers may not fully understand how these behaviors present in your child.

So, what you need to do is explain what these words mean to the life of your child. After your ADHD evaluations in Overland Park and comprehensive discussions, you’ll get a better understanding of the challenges that your child is facing.

What are the Steps on Your Ladder?

Next time you prepare for a meeting with your educator, stop the struggle and use your words to make your point.

  • Draw a ladder with five rungs
  • In each rung, write a problem you and your child struggle with
  • Do it quickly and keep it simple

This ladder will provide a clear focus for the educator and the challenges you are most concerned with. Armed with your results from ADHD testing in Overland Park, it will be easier to communicate your position.

If you are struggling to find the right support for your child, contact me, Dr. Tish Taylor, Ph.D. I am a licensed child psychologist who specializes in Overland Park ADHD testing. My experience working in and with schools makes me a valuable resource for parents. I have a wide range of experience with diagnoses, including ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, anxiety, mood, and behavior problems.

I utilize the latest research to create intervention methods to give your child and your family the support they need, including learning disability evaluations in Overland Park.

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