Executive Functioning and Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is often a deficit seen within individuals with Executive Functioning deficits.  Emotional regulation is referred to as the ability to manage more intense emotions in a manner that is considered developmentally appropriate or how most individuals would manage similar emotions in a similar circumstance.  For example, it would be expected that a toddler … Continued

More on Executive Functioning (book resources)

Helpful book resources for parents: The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success by Peg Dawson, Ed.D. & Richard Guare, Ph.D. The Sensory Child Gets Organized by Carolyn Dalgliesh The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens: Help for Unprepared, Late and Scattered Teens by Sharon Hansen

Tips on Executive Functioning (time management)

Tips for assisting children and adolescents who have deficits with time management and executive functioning: Consider using various types of timers to assist with tracking time when a person’s internal sense of time is weak.  Examples include kitchen timers, a Timed Timer (Trademarked product), phone timers, sand timers, or an analog clock with an indication … Continued

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning is an important aspect of development and overall functioning.  It effects a person, both young and old, in many functional ways.  Executive functioning in a term used to describe goal directed behavior and what many researchers refer to as the ‘CEO of the brain’.  This includes various functions that assist with inhibition, working … Continued

Executive Functioning and ADHD Help for Parents

Dr. Taylor has a special interest in developing executive functioning and ADHD resources for busy parents.  Her most recent work includes products that assist parents with developing a deeper understanding of the needs of a child with ADHD and executive functioning deficits.  These products include research based information that allows for strategic planning and ADHD interventions for a child … Continued

Executive Functioning Help for Teachers

Contact me for Executive Functioning Classroom Resources or Executive Functioning Training for Teachers Prior to opening my private practices in Leawood and Lawrence, Kansas, I worked in schools for 14 years as a school school psychologist and coordinator of district mental health services. Being in this environment, I am familiar with the unique rewards and challenges that educators experience … Continued